The impact of computer games on children


Computer games annually attract millions of children worldwide, over which definitely have an impact, regardless of its nature.

Opinions on the effects video games have on children are divided. The subject is still very controversial.

Most believe that the games have a negative influence on the psyche of children. They rely on the fact that several studies have correlated with the aggressiveness of juvenile violent games children’s favorite.

Another factor that may be related to changes in children’s behavior caused by video games, is the number of hours per day spent at the computer.

Studies have shown that most parents do not know and do not limit the number of hours their children spend their virtual world.

Children who play more than 10 hours a week of violent games may exhibit the following behaviors:

Increased aggression;

Frequent quarrels with teachers;

Violent altercations with peers;

Lower results at school.

There are even those who say that few computer games and parties were positive and some negative aspects are exaggerated.

Some studies have shown that computer player has the beneficial effects increase manual dexterity of children and level of knowledge of computer science.

Another argument in favor of gaming is linked to studies that correlate with aggressiveness games. They say that only correlation with aggressive computer game does not necessarily prove that there is a cause-effect relationship between them. It can only mean that, for example, children are prone to aggressive behavior attracted to violent games.

However, most experts agree that parents should have some control over the types of games and the time their children spend in front of the computer.

Here are some useful tips on how you can minimize the negative effects of gaming on your child:

Pay attention to the rating of video games (gives information about the degree of violence of the game and the age group for which is recommended).

Keep the computer in a common area (the living room), not in the child’s bedroom.

Impose rules on the number of hours per day that your child is allowed to dedicate video games.

Carefully monitor all media with which your child comes in contact – TV, movies and the Internet (especially as they can play games on the Internet).

Take time to talk to your child about the games he likes. Ask him what feelings remain after you play and understand the game. Explain the difference between real and fictional.

Talk with other parents about this topic, you can learn many useful things from their experiences.

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