These are the main natural herbs and teas can treat snake bites

Given that different species of snakes and their venom toxicity varies. Some snakes venom is so toxic can cause rapid death of the victim. Overall destroy tissues in the bite venom and toxins from entering the body’s composition and produce pain, abnormal heart rhythm, blood pressure. Viper appears in our country – it is very painful bite. The victim feels acutely bite, and only 15 minutes from where he was bitten area swells on the surface and they can see two teeth viper bites products.


If treatment does not apply quickly eliminate symptoms worsen venom. At about 5-6 hours bitten limb swells all areas appear cyanotic. Over a period of 6 hours bedsores occur, and a day later the lysine can become infected. The victim bitten by a viper is very bad condition, have muscle pain in the chest, suffering from anxiety, nausea and diarrhea, may enter into coma and respiratory arrest if they do not receive medical help. This aid is to eliminate the poison and this is quite simple but requires an incision between the two needles created viper. After making the cut suck that area and spat venom is absorbed. Attention, the person offering such aid should not have lesions of the oral mucosa. The ideal is to apply medical aid, technique serotherapy – an antivenin serum that helps restore the health. Victim still hospitalized for some tests, which check that did not suffer some complications due to ingress of venom into the body. Some snakes are not venomous but this does not mean that after the bite caused by them should not worry. On the contrary victim also taken to the nearest hospital because bites can be quite deep and only a doctor can determine its severity.


For the treatment of snake bite recommended some herbal teas and natural nutrients that help in calming symptoms and speed up wound healing. Of course we mean snake bites caused neveninoşi. In severe cases it needs special care provided by health professionals. For wound healing is good colloidal silver is a good entiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Charcoal tablets have excellent detoxifying effect. A good detox is vitamin C so such supplements are administered in relieving discomfort caused by snake bite. Vitamin C helps in reducing infection and pain management. Multivitamin and mineral supplements are important for maintaining health. Calcium and magnesium are taken together as they are better absorbed by the body. Calcium acts as a good calming, sedative and thereby reduce pain snake bite. Vitamin E reduces blood pressure and speeds wound healing. Comfrey tea is very beneficial for such cases, activates the immune system. Comfrey salve to heal the wound caused by snake bite and is recommended in traditional medicine. For healing lesion may apply poultices of plantain leaves.


Another tea is ideal for enhancing the immune system of the plant Echinacea. This plant can be combined with decongestant medicines, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and thus helps in the treatment of skin disorders, wounds, ulcers, eczema, bites, dermatitis. Sorrel tea is also indicated in such cases as it helps in improving conditions created evil. Other poultices of the plant are the leaves of white oak, elm leaf and may be used to treat the lesion.


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